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From What CIS Countries Brides are Ordered Most of All

Western men have enough money to choose any wife they wish. They often find Western ladies not that attractive. That is why they contact marriage agencies abroad. There is the whole market for looking for brides in former CIS countries. Among many countries, Ukraine and Russia are definite leaders. Females from these countries become wives to foreigners very often.


It is not a matter of chance that mail bride orders come from Slavic countries. It is not a recent trend. It has been this for years. Here are the main reasons why:

  • Slavic ladies are beautiful. Those females are ones of the most beautiful ladies in the world. Western males understand it. Eastern ladies have very tiny figures and delicate features. Western man can pay no matter how much for this.
  • They are educated. This is the quality that Western males value a lot. They want to get a wife who will be intelligent. If a lady is intelligent it will make a man very proud of her.
  • Ladies are weak. In the Western world, weakness is not trendy. Many females forget they are ladies. They forget they have to support a man. In Slavic countries, females feel fragile in a good sense of a word. They know to let a man decide on important issues. Western gentlemen value it a lot.
  • They want to have big families. Eastern ladies can sacrifice their career to bring up kids. They will sacrifice all personal time to create a comfort and harmony at home. Western gentlemen also want to create solid families. They need wives who care about a house.
  • They are free in many languages. There are many ladies from Russia and Ukraine who can freely talk in several European languages. It happens thanks to good high education. Males feel very inspired when a sweetheart talks freely in French or German.
  • They are stylish. Slavic ladies like fashion trends. Trends change every season. A style does not. Ukrainian and Russian females know that. They can create a perfect look. They are able to combine pieces of clothes perfectly well. They also know what type of makeup should be worn in the evening or in the morning. They will never wear smoky eyes during the early morning.
  • They are positive thinkers. Slavic ladies do not have time for depressions. They are always active. They fulfill regular activities with a smile on a face. They will never cry or be unhappy. This positive mood is very important for them.

These are the main reasons why Slavic ladies are ordered as brides most of all. They are definitely the most feminine ladies compares to women from other CIS countries. Those females are worth marrying too.

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